Tips To Avoid Fraud in Online Payments in Tanzania

We all are aware of the fact that almost every brick and mortar business is shifted on the internet, and some are encouraged to start their business online. Starting a business online is not so tough, but the real question is how to receive online payments in Tanzania because most of the people are afraid of revealing their financial details online.

online payments in Tanzania

Making payments online is one of the biggest needs of any online business, whether it is a small business or a large. Nowadays, transferring and receiving funds has become so easy and flexible, and all the payments are electronically made, which is known as e-commerce payment method. So if a person wants to get acquainted with this method, then he must need to get some knowledge on the basic terminology related to it.

When you start an online business, then you will come to know about merchant accounts which you can use to send and receive payments. It is linked to credit or debit cards. And there is always a payment platform integrated into the site that is used to pass the card information safely to the merchant.

This payment sent by the customer is then processed by a payment processor, which is a firm that can handle the transactions and verifies it using different methods to eliminate the risk of fraud. And nowadays, the credit card is the most preferred mode of online payment. And there are many alternative payment methods that are gaining more popularity and people are making use of them without any misconceptions.

online payments in Tanzania

And the two best online payment gateways in Tanzania are PayPal and Alert Pay. These are the most secure, fast, and efficient gateways that offer their customers an independent account and they don’t charge monthly or setup fees. There are many other options, including Amazon Payments, 2ChckOut, Authorize.Net,, etc.

You are fully allowed to choose the best suitable option for your business, depending on your business criteria and dealings. So while choosing the most suitable option, you must consider the security of each gateway. You should check the security guidelines, terms, and conditions provided by merchant accounts, banks, gateways, and processors. This is to ensure customers privacy and safety.

And because the frauds have increased in number, you should read all the security terms and conditions of each service. Don’t pass personal data online to anyone and never trust the companies and firms that are non-violated. It is advised to never answer the mails or pages that ask you to give your account details.

So to avoid fraud in online payments Tanzania, it is advised not to use other computers to enter your account details.