There are a lot of people out there who face the problem on a daily basis when laptop of Toshiba not turning on. When the laptop does not work or does not turn on, it can be very frustrating for you. Most of the people save their necessary files and do work on the laptop, so when they face the issue of not turning on the laptop, they feel very stressed out. The problem of not turning on of the laptop can be due to many reasons. Before your laptop makes any problem, it is important for you to keep your laptop clean. The dirt can be a big reason for the laptop problems because when a lot of dirt gathers inside the laptop it can damage the battery and other parts of the laptop. You must turn off the electricity button when your laptop is completely charged. When you let the laptop charge for a lot of time, it can damage the battery and sometimes, the battery burns.

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You must see if the laptop light turns on while you press the power button. If the light is on then you have a windows problem or maybe your laptop does not boot up normally. You should see if the logo design of the laptop shows or not. You need to check if the laptop tries to boot or it is hanging up. You can check the laptop by plugging in the charger to see if the light of the laptop turns on or not. If it does not turn on then your charger is not working properly.  If the charger is new then the actual problem can be the battery.

If the laptop light is white then your laptop and charger are okay otherwise if the light is orange then you have overcharged your laptop. Your laptop is not able to boot normally that is why it is creating problems. You must see if the laptop screen turns on because most of the people use the graphics rather than the video cards. If you have checked everything but your laptop is still not turning on then you can remove the battery for five to ten minutes and again fix it or you can reinstall the windows of your laptop. You can do Toshiba Computer Repair yourself at your home by following these easy tips otherwise you have the option to find the professional for this purpose.