Exhibition Shell Stands – How to Make Your Unique Shell Scheme

Anyone who has ever got a chance to attend an exhibition will be familiar with the idea of exhibition shell stands. The basic concept of and bone structure of shell scheme includes three walls, basic lighting, and simple carpeting. Almost all shell schemes are made more or less equal in the start, but you are allowed to transform and change it according to your brand and make it creative and stunning.

These are actually customisable, and you have full freedom to make them look interesting and appealing by adding multiple elements. These elements can be graphics, furnishings, lights, colours, and even you are allowed to change and improve the overall shape and layout with some wisely placed items.

Mostly, the shell schemes are available in one common colour, which is bland colour. It is normally a combination of dull grey and beige colour. If you don’t have an idea about which colour will look best and why it is important, then you should ask someone who has an established business and who works in marketing as they will better tell you that colour is one of the most important parts of your brand’s image.

Colour plays an important part as it lets the people and visitors quickly identify your brand in an exhibition when they walk around your shell scheme stand. With the help of a unique colour along with the logo of your company, you will be identifiable in a crowd. Your logo will help you in featuring prominently in your shell design. Therefore, your shell stand should be clearly visible to visitors.

exhibition shell stands

Plus, the entire style of your shell scheme stand also helps in creating an atmosphere for the visitors. So if you want to make your shell scheme stand out, you should use bright and bold colours that must be able to create a feeling of positive energy. The colour scheme is not the only important part of your brand image; there are many other things as well. You can also use wooden furniture and potted plants as they can help in adding elegance and sophistication.

But how you decorate the entire shell scheme space completely depends on your business type. Therefore, you should think carefully about which market you are going to target. Make sure you choose the unique colour, style, and design of exhibition shell stands. You can add different furnishing options, but make sure the choice should be both appealing and functional.


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