Have you read many posts related to Postcard Printing tips and techniques but you have got nothing new? Then we have collected some unique and different ideas for you. Many companies offer printed postcards that cannot be mailed without an envelope which setbacks many advantages in the first place.  Postcards are perceived as one of the most effective tools for marketers.

They are doing best for the revival of personal mail. As they are coming back in trend, the printing companies are also trying to get into the act. However, they would never like you to know some hidden facts about their printing. Here are some techniques that you will never find somewhere else.

Thick postcards last longer

Yes, you have read it right that thick cardstocks can last longer.  Did you know that heavy objects seem to be more valuable as compared to the lighter ones? The same principle is applied on the postcards and your recipients will definitely feel a difference. It is always a good idea to go for the thick postcards than the lighter ones if you want to make an impact.

Uncoated stock is better for writing things

The cards that you offer to different people can use it for writing things on them but what makes it hard? Many people have no idea that gloss and UV stocks can create interruption while trying to write. That is why; if you want your card writable then leave them uncoated on one side. You can use both pen and pencil to write on the cards without any problem.

Don’t use thin typefaces

As you know that uncoated stocks are the best to write on but they give a gentle look as well. Ink can spread more on them that does not look good. For this purpose, it is better to avoid using thin typefaces. You need to remember this if the text is on a darker background.

UV coating has advantages and disadvantages

If you like a thick UV coating and Envelope Printing then you must know that you won’t be able to write on the cards. You can use it but keep it on the frontal side only and use vibrant colors to make it look attractive.   If you want to send the card for mailing then UV coating can affect mailability. Also, leave the mailing space empty.